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30 days is all Shay needs to help you attract "The One!"

Shay's 5 Step Program:

ShayYour Date Diva's 5 step program is designed to empower you with the direction, training and accountability you need to achieve the consistent results you demand in your love life.  Shay has coached people all around the world who have created lasting, passionate relationships.  *If Shay does not produce the results you desire in your love life, you get your money back or pay nothing!

Shay will help measure, monitor, manage, and support you to ensure that you keep your word to yourself, and take the consistent action that leads to the results you desire most.

You are about to enter a partnership that will give you the edge you need to stand out in the dating game, but you must step up as well. Commit with a passion and a focus that your love life deserves. Shay will bring you extraordinary resources for powerfully improving the quality of your love life. Then you can attract and truly experience the love experience most people dream to have.

We promise an experience that will not only stretch you, but that will be more fun than you have ever imagined possible. We don't pretend that our partnership will be effortless—but it will be extraordinarily rewarding.

Book an appointment today and transform your love life into one you always dreamed of.  


What is Dating  & Relationship Coaching?

The best way to think about Dating and relationship coaching is to think about a personal fitness trainer.  When you are ready for massive change in weight loss and eating habit and you desire guaranteed results you turn to a fitness coach who will map a plan so to help you achieve results and hold you accountable to doing the work necessary to achieve results.  This is the same with dating & relationship coaching.  Most people were not taught how to attract a healthy love experience nor would they know what one looked like if it ever showed up.  Most importantly they are in a pattern of behavior that continues to produce the same results.  This is because we rely on past programming and the example we had as children during our selection process.  A coach like Shay will help identify your clear goals, form a plan and use positive mind techniques so to place you on autopilot to achieving your desired goals.  Shay helps to transform you from the inside out to become the type of woman men are drawn to like flies to honey.  She will also teach you the do’s and don’ts of dating and give you the inside secrets to capturing the heart of a man or woman that will lead to a lasting love experience.


How Can I help you?

Shay Williams is not just a coach but a certified dating & relationship coach and NLP practitioner. What this means is that Shay was trained and studied a method that will help you achieve lasting results in the shortest amount of time possible. She is also training in hypnotherapy so amplify results in her clients. All humans make over 80% of their decisions from their subconscious mind. This is the reason why you may find yourself choosing the same type of person with a different face. If you want change in your life, you must change the programming in your mind. Once you are able to do this, nothing is impossible! Hypnotherapy, NLP and positive mind techniques help to accomplish this. Shay also offers free Angel Card readings to all of her clients so to get a spiritual insight to the issues going on in your love life.


I know that there are A LOT of coaches out there but let me tell you why you NEED a Dating- Relationship Coach:

1. Most singles are only 2 centimeters from the relationship they want but there is an unidentified barrier they can not see standing in their way.  I, as your relationship coach helps to move that barrier out of the way.

3. The dating game can be very competitive, tricky and scary for most people dating.  I, as your relationship coach am the flashlight in the dark room of dating helping you with each step along the way until you reach your destination.

5. A coach keeps you focus on the end result helping to prevent minor mistakes and self sabotaging behavior that can delay you receiving what you want.  There is no one more qualified than I am to help you accomplish this.


Why that relationship coach should be me:

1. I know what I am talking about and have the two books, testimonials and over 200 videos to prove it.

2. I do not just have my own "opinions" I did my own experiment and research as well as interviewed over 3000 men, women and couples.

3. My coaching is an organize 5 step systematic process not a show up and regurgitate dating "rules" on you.

4. I have over 30 marriages under my belt and over 100 "matches" based on the advice/ matchmaking I've done.

5. The transformation process is not superficial and based on changing yourself to be suitable for a man/ woman but to be the best YOU you can be from the inside out so then like a magnet, your soul mate shows up!


What is unique about our services?

Assisting people in the most important area of their life is more than a business, it should be a mission. Select a provider who genuinely cares about helping to transform you from the inside out so that not only will you achieve your relationship goals and attract someone but have the ability to keep them and maintain a happy love life.  Make sure that you don't allow yourself to get lost in the numbers of a large firm that is too large to provide you the personalized care you deserve.


What you should know about selecting a Coach:

Many coaches also work out of their home and are trained as a life coach but not specifically in dating and relationships. If they list that they also offer life-coaching services instead of the specified trade of dating and relationships then I would recommend you proceed with caution. Finally, do not be deceived by relationship experts who hide behind having "letters" behind their name. Simply going to college to study mental health does not mean they are trained with a solid understanding of dating and relationships. They were trained to treat patients with severe mental illnesses and only 10% of the population suffers with mental illnesses. A dating coach is trained specifically on how to help the masses: those who desire a healthy love experience but do not know how to attract it or have the time.